Reutter/ITIB Group

A leading provider of innovative solutions in closure technology, SCR filling systems (AdBlue ©) as well as thermoplastic tubes and pipe connections



The Reutter/ITIB Group is a leading international provider of caps (cooling, oil filler and tank) and selective catalytic reduction "SCR" filling systems (AdBlue©) for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Furthermore it is a manufacturer of thermoplastic tubes and pipe connections supplying the automotive and white goods markets. As a result of its innovation and manufacturing expertise, as well as its wide product range, the group has positioned itself as a leading international provider in its particular niche markets. Reutter/ITIB Group supports its customers throughout the entire product development and production cycle starting with joint R&D activities, prototyping, pre-series component production as well as serial production.

Initial Situation

To support further international expansion of the business, Steadfast Capital acquired a majority stake in Reutter/ITIB Group in April 2017. The transaction comprised Reutter GmbH, based in Leutenbach, Germany (with plants in Austria, Slovakia, Mexico and India), and ITIB S.r.l. based in Paderno, Italy (with plants in Italy and Poland). Reutter and ITIB have successfully worked together for many years. To join forces was a logical move which enables the group to offer complete SCR filling systems, which represents a major growth driver for the business.

Corporate Development

Steadfast Capital will work closely with management to support the following strategic and structural development projects:

  • Implementation of an advisory board including sector experts
  • Strengthen the integration of the two group companies
  • Development of innovative products
  • Entry into new markets
  • Continued internationalisation