Stanz- und Lasertechnik Jessen

A leading manufacturer of high precision steel electric components



Stanz- und Lasertechnik Jessen ("SLTJ") was founded in 1879 as a metal fabricator and has developed into a leading manufacturer of high precision electric component parts for electric motors and transformers. The products are manufactured at two production sites in Jessen (near Leipzig) and typically sold to customers specialising in automation & robotics, e-mobility and high value household appliances. SLTJ develops new products in partnership with its customers and works with them throughout the production lifecycle from the development of prototypes through to serial production with customer specific stamping tools.

Initial Situation

Steadfast Capital Fund III, LP, supported the established management team in acquiring 100% of SLTJ in July 2016 with a view to continuing the successful growth of the business.

Corporate Development

Steadfast Capital will support management to accelerate the growth and development of the business:

  • Growth and expansion of the metal/plastic division
  • Increase in customer reach, particularly in new market sectors
  • Consideration of add-on acquisitions
  • Merging the business into a group with central functions (purchasing, finance and accounting, etc.)